TURBINE Embraces Federal Inquiry into Australia’s Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sector as producers step forward to take part

  • TURBINE, a leading food and beverage advocacy group, welcomes the announcement of a Standing Committee Inquiry into the country’s food and beverage manufacturing sector
  • Producers start to step forward to be part of the inquiry including CAVU Distilling who say the news couldn’t come fast enough as they invest in efforts to export overseas


27 March, 2024: TURBINE, a leading advocate for innovation and sustainability in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, welcomes the announcement of a Standing Committee Inquiry aimed at exploring opportunities for expansion and advancement within the sector. The inquiry, initiated by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Resources, underscores a crucial commitment to fostering innovation, enhancing value-adding processes, and promoting sustainable growth within Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing landscape.

Scheduled to investigate various facets crucial to the industry’s evolution, the inquiry will explore innovation trends and new technologies, support for new and emerging products and industries, domestic and export market opportunities and the circular economy, waste reduction and decarbonising.


Delighted at the announcement, CEO and Project Director of Turbine, Andrew Eves-Brown said, “This announcement comes at a time when all eyes are on our small to medium producers in the food and drink sector.

“Australia punches well above its weight in terms of innovation and quality but there are barriers to scale. Once constructed, TURBINE aims to solve many of these issues – but more needs to be done to support this section which contributes to the Australian economy.

“Importantly this inquiry recognises the importance of fostering diversity and innovation and will explore avenues for supporting the development of premium and niche products, as well as embracing new proteins and Indigenous foods which will amplify Australia’s culinary diversity and global appeal – and this will be incredible for the sector,” Mr Eves-Brown said.

International, award-winning spirit producer CAVU Distilling also welcomed the inquiry and said it will step forward to take part.

“The Federal Inquiry couldn’t come fast enough for the distilling and spirits industry as we work towards our aspirations of exporting internationally in the same way you have seen Australian wine on the dinner tables of British and European households,” said CAVU Distilling Co-Founder Matt Hobson who was speaking from London where he is currently meeting with distributors and trade as part of their efforts to export their two brands Sunshine & Sons and Nil Desperandum.

“Having met with distillers here in the UK, it’s fair to say they are outraged by an equivalent tax that has decimated small British distilleries – despite being 40% less than what Australian distillers are paying per bottle. The UK industry has seen a large number of job losses and distillery closures as a result.”

Hobson says, like Australian wine, his industry peers and colleagues are producing innovative world-class spirits and the right policy settings would encourage investment into the industry that would ultimately lead to more direct and indirect employment and economic opportunities for Australia.

Those sentiments were shared by Mr Eves-Brown who added: “As a champion for innovation and sustainability within the food and beverage manufacturing industry, TURBINE applauds the Federal Government for conducting this inquiry.”

“We believe that by addressing the crucial aspects outlined in the inquiry, we can unlock new opportunities, drive positive change, and establish Australia as a global leader in sustainable food production.”

TURBINE looks forward to actively participating in the inquiry process, contributing insights, expertise, and innovative solutions to help shape the future of food and beverage manufacturing in Australia.


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