Queensland Giants: White’s IGA and Lenard’s Chicken mark three decades of flourishing partnership in retail success

5 March, 2024: Queensland-based success stories, White’s IGA Group and Lenard’s are marking three decades of collaboration, with this remarkable milestone standing testament to their enduring partnership and unwavering commitment in delivering excellence across the vibrant Queensland retail landscape.

Michael and Roz White, owners of six White’s IGA independent supermarkets on the Sunshine Coast, left their careers in banking to step into the retail industry in 1993, buying a 90m2 Nightowl Convenience Store.

“Our motivation to buy our first store was to remain on the Sunshine Coast and make it our home,” said Roz.

“We slowly bought small and older stores and built them up until we purchased our first IGA store in 2004.

“Our step into retail was a steep learning curve, to say we were green would be the understatement of the century, but we quickly learnt, adapted, worked hard and are still learning new tricks 30 years on.”

The couple now own six IGA stores and believe being independent supermarket operators offers wide scope to build meaningful and enduring relationships with customers, the industry and community – some from the very first moment they stepped into the industry.

“Three decades of partnerships feels more like old friends,” said Roz.

“There is a camaraderie that exists through longevity.”

One such relationship to stand the test of time is that with iconic Australian handmade chicken brand, Lenard’s.

“We have stocked Lenard’s products in our stores for as long as I can remember,” said Roz.

“I believe we gained greater access to the products when the brand moved away from the exclusive standalone franchise model.

“Offering our customers this value-add line at the time of availability brought some excitement to our delis and meat offer.”

White’s IGA stocks a large-scale of Lenard’s goods, ranging from Enchiladas, Schnitzels Sausages and Kievs across deli serviced and fresh meat.

“We range the Lenard’s deli lines and through our meat cases,” said Roz.

“The decision was made to stock Lenard’s many years ago, however, each store currently stocks most lines, and our instore butchers maintain the range to complement their fresh meat.

“Where possible we do a block display of Lenard’s products in the meat section to enhance brand presence and provide customers with a broad selection.

“Strudels are popular when sold through the hot box for an easy snack.”

The journey of Lenard’s growth and establishment was somewhat similar to the White’s, with founder Lenard Poulter opening his first store in 1987 at Sunnybank Hills in Brisbane.

A leader in the fresh food marketplace, Lenard’s can be found at 23 locally-owned stores and over 600 independent supermarkets around Australia.

With a recent partnership with Australia’s leading wholesale distribution and marketing company, Metcash, their reach continues to grow in order to give customers the classics they know and love.

“The Lenard’s brand is trusted, well recognised, and loved by customers,” said Roz.

“Consistency stands brands such as Lenard’s in good stead with some good old favourites that our customers love coming back for.

“Lenard’s provides a quick, tasty, easy, and convenient meal solution.

“Kids love the Sausages and Lenny Pops so we have happy Mums and happy customers.”

Chicken Enchilada Mild Mex and Chicken Kiev may be White’s IGA’s best sellers, but when it comes to Roz’s personal favourite – she can’t go past the Kievs which she affectionately calls ‘Chicken Kevins’.

“I love the Kievs myself accompanied by a fresh salad sourced from local farms,” said Roz.

White’s IGA are located at Bli Bli, Mooloolah, Mount Coolum, Peregian Beach, Baringa and Forest Glen.

About White’s IGA

Michael & Roz White commenced their retailing journey on the Sunshine Coast with the purchase of a small convenience store in Maroochydore in October 1993. There began the humble beginnings of White’s Grocers. Since this time the business has grown from one store with three staff to six stores located at Forest Glen, Baringa, Bli Bli, Mooloolah, Mt Coolum and IGA Peregian Beach.


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