Clean Energy Innovation: Powershift Technologies and POWR2 Launch Advanced Large-Scale Mobile Battery Solutions

13 June 2024: Powershift Technologies has announced a groundbreaking partnership with US company POWR2, a global leader in advanced mobile battery energy storage. This collaboration introduces a flexible leasing model aimed at industries grappling with grid constraints or relying heavily on diesel generators for temporary power.

As the exclusive distributor of POWR2’s POWRBANK MAX in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands regions, the appointment of Powershift Technologies is a significant milestone in POWR2’s global expansion strategy.

Powershift Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Damien Glanville said, “As an organisation we are committed to being at the forefront of providing cleaner, quieter, smarter solutions that will accelerate major industries as they transition to Net Zero.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to partner with a company that exemplifies quality and innovation and is dedicated to creating world-class products for global markets.”

Each year Australian industry is spending over $5 billion on diesel generators and fuel, emitting millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Many of these generators are supporting power needs that are temporary. Until now, there have been limited solutions on the market that are both powerful enough and transportable in the same way generators are.

“By embracing smarter mobile battery technology, we can reshape the temporary power landscape and provide cleaner, more efficient alternatives to major industries,” Powershift Technologies Co-Founder and COO, Sandra Brodie, said.

“Our mobile battery energy storage solutions solve this issue. They are intelligent systems that provide silent, zero-emission power, whenever and wherever its needed, and at industrial-scale.

“Each battery offers 300kW of power and 600kWh of storage, contained in a high-quality, ruggedised 10ft container. One single battery can be connected to three more in parallel to create 1.2MW of power and 2.4MWh of storage. This type of power and storage is usually reserved only for fixed battery solutions, so by providing a transportable, modular alternative our customers can scale up and down as needed, with total flexibility,” Ms Brodie said.

The collaboration between Powershift Technologies and POWR2 will introduce the award-winning POWRBANK MAX to the Australian and Asia Pacific markets, offering a powerful and sustainable energy solution for a wide range of temporary applications.

Representing a significant step forward, the partnership addresses the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions across the APAC region.

VP of Corporate Strategy at POWR2, Hudson Nunn said, “Powershift embodies the calibre of partners we seek at POWR2.

“With decades of experience in renewables and utilities, the Powershift team is poised to redefine temporary power through mobile BESS across multiple industrial landscapes. This alliance underscores our commitment to pioneering innovation and fostering sustainable progress on a global scale.”

By leveraging emission-free mobile battery technology like the POWRBANK MAX, major industries such as construction, civil engineering, mining, agriculture and utilities can efficiently and cost-effectively accelerate their decarbonisation efforts.

About Powershift Technologies

Powershift is an Australian-owned clean tech company supporting major industries to decarbonise through innovative solutions that can be implemented quickly and with immediate impact. Powershift is committed to being at the forefront of the energy transition and to supporting industries on the path to Net Zero.

About POWR2

POWR2 is a leading manufacturer of clean portable power solutions that help businesses meet their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Innovative solutions from POWR2 drive profitability and sustainability with cutting-edge battery energy storage system technology. POWR2 is headquartered in Bethel, CT with distribution worldwide.


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